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means happiness and laughter to many people. Clowns add much color and enjoyment to parades, community events, and promotional activities. Clowns interact with the audience as they wave, perform antics, and visit personally with young and old.

Clowning provides unique opportunities for individuals to develop physical and performing skills as well as participate in a variety of fun events. It helps develop communications and relationships with others, and strengthens self-confidence.


Clowns can become involved in many community activities and events. A clown may make people feel welcome to a grand opening or may urge people to patronize a car wash, a food stand, or a special attraction. Local service and community organizations often invite clowns to appear on their programs to entertain the audience.

Clowning is an excellent way to promote the program and can be incorporated into any project area. Clowns take part in parades, fairs, community functions, and  variety shows. School functions, banquets, parties, style reviews, and mall days are other events in which a clown can become involved.

Clowns can be teachers, too, as they give demonstrations and perform skits and routines on specific topics to share with the audience.

Clowns support organizations by providing information and publicity for their service projects.

Children and families are delighted to have a clown lead them in games and activities at birthday celebrations, reunions, and parties.

Clowns also receive personal satisfaction as they bring a bit of cheer to hospital patients, homeboundpersons,andresidentsofconvalescent homes.

Whether or not your clown club decides to be a service club, performing club, promotional club, or a combination, there are plenty of ways to involve everyone.

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